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Meet the MBA: 1st Year Vishakha Tiwari

A native of Northern India, Vishakha Tiwari has worked for KPMG in Bangalore, India, and as a Business Analyst for Accenture. She has worked for various causes such as education, gender equality and with different NGOs. Tiwari is now pursuing her MBA, concentrating in Strategy with additional focus areas in Analytics. Tell us about your hometown and what you were doing before the MBA program. I am from Patna, one of the oldest towns in the northern region of India. Patna is known for its hospitality, exceptionally decadent cuisines and its contributions to the Indian Independence movement. Before the MBA, I was working full-time as a Management Consultant with KPMG in Bangalore, India. I have worked on several client service transformation, revenue diversification, project management and claims analytics projects. I have also worked with Accenture as a Business Analyst between 2016 and 2019. My undergraduate major was Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Outside of work, I w
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Meet the MBA: 1st Year Carson Walters

A Georgia native, Carson Walters earned his BBA in Management from UGA and is returning after launching a successful career at Macy’s. Walters began in the company’s Executive Development Program. During his tenure, he was promoted four times over the course of four years and managed more than 30 direct reports, plus about $45 million in business. Walters is now studying for his MBA, concentrating in Finance with additional focus areas in Strategy and FinTech. Q: What made you choose Georgia’s MBA program? Walters: As COVID-19 unfolded, I decided I wanted to make a career pivot and made the decision to come back to UGA. I had a unique perspective compared with some of the other MBA students because I completed undergrad here. I knew the type of reputation the school had in terms of ROI the program offered, as well as how much the professors care about the success of their students. Another big component was the success of UGA MBA Alumni. The network you build and the type of reputa

The Bike is the Answer: Charlie Mustard and Jittery Joe’s Coffee

Like many other schools during this pandemic, the University of Georgia has been closed since mid-March, and students and staff are working remotely. In lieu of in-person meetings and events, MBA Admissions staff launched a podcast, Dawgs on Top, to bring the program to a larger audience. In Season One: The Rona Files, we covered Georgia football, provided highlights of the first annual Graduate Women’s Business Association Summit, and heard more about the student veterans experience, the March trip to South Africa, and our Non-Profit Board Fellows Program. In Season Two: Town & Gown, we focused on the Athens community and interviewed local business leaders. One of those interviews was with Charlie Mustad, owner and Head Roaster of Jittery Joe’s Coffee. Jittery Joe's Coffee opened in 1994 on Washington St. near the 40 Watt Club and was open 24 hours a day to serve everyone: students, townies, and artists. Since then, it has grown into a roaster on Barber Street and 14 loca

Destination: MD/MBA

By Jake Goodman, UGA '15, MBA '20 I always knew that I wanted to be a doctor. I remember proudly proclaiming this during elementary school during career days. I didn’t know what kind of doctor that I wanted to be, but the decision to pursue medicine was clear from an early age. What I didn’t know was that the path to medical school was like running through miles of thorn bushes while trying to avoid a stampede of buffalo in the dark of night, during a tornado. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I remember what it was like every step of the way, and it was not easy. I was never the smartest person in the class. As I say in the video: I failed my driver’s test twice, I took the SAT three times to get the score I needed, and I had to take the MCAT twice. I got denied from 25 medical schools and it took me nearly two years to get accepted. Hard work, resilience, and patience got me to where I am today. After 3 years of medical school up in Philadelphia at Sidney Kimmel Medica