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The Value of Applied Learning

Brenna Tudor and Rob Grabowski, both MBA Class of 2020, spent time with the Admissions Director to talk about some of the program’s Applied Learning Opportunities. They described their experiences with project-based courses, such as Non-Profit Board Fellows and Graduate Business Association leaders. They discuss how the curriculum flexibility and program offerings have enabled them to contribute meaningfully to the program, the Terry College, and to the Athens community while also developing themselves to be better leaders and problem solvers.

Brenna Tudor serves as President of the Graduate Business Association (GBA), is a Java Joy non-profit Board Fellow, a graduate assistant with the Terry College Management Department, participated in two semesters of Innovative Business Projects, and is currently part of the Baylor University Ethics Case Competition Team.

Rob Grabowski serves as VP of Mentorship for GBA, is a non-profit Board Fellow for the Foundation for Excellence in Public Schoo…
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Taking Advantage of Georgia MBA Opportunities

By Matt Green, MBA '17

Prior to business school I was a mechanical engineer. I quickly learned that, in order to advance my career, I needed to better understand business and finance, so I decided to get an MBA. At first I considered going back to school part-time, but not for long. Getting an MBA was not a matter of “checking the box” for me. I wanted to completely rebrand myself. I didn’t want to be an engineer with an understanding of business. I wanted to do something completely different. That, I realized, required a full-time commitment from me in a full-time MBA program.

I visited several schools before and after I visited Georgia, but really from the second I stepped on campus in Athens, it felt like home. There was a great mix of students—lots of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and interests. Georgia is not a program where everyone wants to do the same thing, like go into consulting or brand management. The faculty, admissions staff, and career management office were a…

Crystal Ivey Pivoted Careers with a Georgia MBA

By Crystal Ivey, MBA '14

I graduated with my bachelor’s in marketing and finance in 2009 at the onset of the recession. Entry-level marketing positions were practically non-existent, so my first job out of school was as a case manager with the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). But I didn’t give up on my dream of brand management.

Fast forward a few years, I decided to try again to break into the business world in brand management – this time using an MBA as my launch pad. This was also very special for me, because, as a first generation college student, an MBA was always one of my goals. I chose the University of Georgia’s MBA program for lots of reasons, but the most important factor for me was to not go into a lot of debt achieving this goal. I wanted a highly ranked program – one that would create opportunities - but not a huge financial burden. I found all that and more at Georgia.

The MBA Career Management Center (CMC) connected me with MBA alumni in bra…

Welcome MBA Class of 2021!

Dear Class of 2021,

Welcome to the Terry College of Business Full-Time MBA Program, the University of Georgia, Athens and perhaps most importantly, Bulldog Nation! My name is Brenna Tudor; I am a second-year MBA and the president of our student government, the Graduate Business Association (GBA). I’m originally from New Jersey but lived in New York and Atlanta before business school and worked in Public Relations.

I’ve found that my involvement in campus groups has been some of the most rewarding time I’ve spent in Athens. There are a lot of different ways to get involved off and on campus and it’s a great way to learn more about your new home, meet Athenians outside of Terry and have a lasting impact on the greater Athens community.

We have many different Terry MBA clubs and opportunities to get involved, including:

GBA: The Graduate Business Association is the MBA program’s student government. GBA is responsible for student life activities and program improvement. Activities include …