Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why go to Welcome Weekend?

Recently, it was Spring Break here at Terry, but not for MBA Admissions! We have been busy evaluating Round III and IV applications. We’re very excited about the applicants who are enrolling in the program and we were busy preparing for our Welcome Weekend took place at the end of March.

All full-time MBA programs host at least one spring event for accepted applicants who are deciding which MBA program to attend. These events give programs the opportunity to provide applicants with a more in-depth view into the program and their schools, and also give applicants the opportunity to meet other current students and some of their future classmates. Our Welcome Weekend this year took place Friday, March 30 – Sunday, April 1. The weekend schedule was a balance of fun and information, starting with an Athens Food Tour of downtown on Friday night. Athens has a lot to offer our students, and the food tour was an excellent way to experience the ambiance of downtown. Saturday was a full day of information-sharing at The Georgia Center. Students were introduced to the Dean and other faculty and staff, attended a class preview taught by one of our Economics professors, went on tour of campus, and also heard about highlights of the program from current students and our Director of Student Experience. After all that sitting down and listening, everyone relaxed at a reception downtown at Blue Sky catered by Speakeasy on Saturday night. Sunday concluded Welcome Weekend with a leisurely housing tour and brunch hosted by students who live in and around Athens. All in all, the weekend offered a lot and it was enjoyed by everyone involved.

If you are planning to attend an MBA program in the future, Welcome Weekend is something to look forward to, especially if it will be your first visit to any of the schools and campuses. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn as much as you can about each program before making your decision. And don‘t forget to have a little fun!