Friday, April 23, 2010

I really meant to apply this year...

OK, so life is busy. Time gets away from you. That happens to me, too; you'll notice that my last post was in January. I've been busy working with the Admissions Committee to select the Full-Time Terry MBA Class of 2012. In fact, we're still not done.

Did time get away from you, too? Did you intend to apply to MBA programs this year but never got to it? Did life interfere? Job? Family? Finances? All of the above? What do you do now?

It may not be too late. Sometimes programs have passed their final deadline but still have space available in their incoming class for qualified applicants. Give the program you are interested in a call to see if you can still submit an application. Be polite! Realize that what you're asking is for an exception. Some programs welcome these calls, some don't. Many will want to get a sense of what qualifications you present before giving you the go ahead to apply at this late stage; be prepared to answer questions.

Plan to make the first deadline for next year. Right now you have plenty of time to prepare your materials for the first application deadlines of next year's cycle. Take the GMAT. Work on essays (you may want to contact the schools to which you plan to apply to make sure the questions will remain the same). Request transcripts. Talk to your planned recommenders. The early bird gets the worm, right? Be an early bird and maximize your chances for both admission and merit aid!

Whenever you apply, make sure your application represents you at your best. Here's hoping you meet with success!