Monday, July 20, 2009

2009/2010 Full-Time MBA Essay Questions

Have you been waiting for these? If so, the essay questions are finally here!

Get started on the essays early and make sure to save them in a MS Word format so that they can be easily uploaded to your application once it's available.

Drum roll please....

Essay Question #1:
Tell us about your career vision and why the career path you envision is meaningful to you (500 words max.)

Essay Question #2:
What is your immediate career goal after completing your MBA? Outline the steps you will take to achieve it. (500 word max.)

Essay Question #3:
Write about a time when you had a significant misunderstanding with someone from a different background or culture. (500 word max.)

Please note all essays should be 500 words maximum and double-spaced, 12pt font.