Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad economy? Invest in yourself.

We're all painfully aware of just what a slump our economy is in right now. Many people are out of work, and many others are clinging onto their jobs like velcro. So, is it crazy to think about getting an MBA in this economic climate? No- here's why.

  • Return on investment. It's that simple- get the skills and you'll get a pay increase. Use our ROI calculator here to see:
  • Position yourself for advancement. When the economy picks up and companies look to rapidly expand and develop new business opportunities, who do you think will be in the prime position for those great new jobs and promotions? Not the person enrolling in an MBA right then- those jobs will go to the people who already have the right credential.
  • Opportunity cost is low. When considering going back to school full-time, people are often reluctant to forgo an income for two years. With so many companies cutting back on staff now, raises are few and far between and many people are absorbing salary cuts and increased benefits costs. Chances are, by going to school right now you'll lose the least amount of income.
  • We can help with merit aid. For qualified candidates, merit aid can reduce the cost of attending the Full-Time Terry MBA program dramatically. Graduate Assistantships cover tuition and provide a substantial stipend to help offset living expenses. Scholarships and partial tuition waivers are also possible.

So, what are you waiting for? You can't reap the reward if you don't take the leap. Terry's final deadlines are fast approaching: April 15th for the 11-Month program and May 11th for the Two Year program. Need help? Call MBA Admissions at 706-542-5671, email us at, or contact Tiffany Staples on AIM with this ID: TiffanyatTerry.