Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New MBA Advisory Board

This Thanksgiving week, we pause to give thanks to the many collaborators who contribute to the Georgia MBA brand: our hard-working students and alumni, our loyal corporate recruiters, community partners in Athens and beyond, and the newest of this bunch, our MBA Advisory Board. The MBA Advisory Board is a group of MBA alumni and employers plus selected Terry faculty teaching in the Full-Time MBA Program and members of the Full-Time MBA staff; it’s rare to see such a dedicated, diligent group of volunteers.

The MBA Advisory Board is formally charged with making recommendations to the MBA Committee of the Terry Alumni Board. In its first year, the MBA Advisory Board met twice in Athens, once at our Buckhead campus in Atlanta, and worked as four separate committees throughout the academic year to make recommendations on the most popular MBA concentrations: Marketing, Analytics, Operations, and Finance. The first year of the MBA Advisory Board culminated in a presentation to the Dean and other Terry administrators to make recommendations for curricular enhancements to these concentrations – to ensure that our curricula align with the needs of the marketplace.

In its second year, the Advisory Board is tasked with recommendations on the Full-Time MBA core curriculum. The goal is for the core curriculum to provide a more integrated learning experience so that graduates have the optimal knowledge and skills to apply their MBA experience to current-day business situations. The three committees this year include More Integrated Thinking, More Advanced Business Software Skills, and More Interpersonal Effectiveness.

In addition to suggested curricular enhancements – many of which have already been implemented – the Advisory Board has helped expand our corporate outreach, and all workshops in our new Friday Features series have been sourced from the Advisory Board.

Our faculty, staff, and facilities are among the best in the country, but our MBA Advisory Board is at work to make a great product – the Georgia MBA – even better!

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