Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bruce Taylor, MBA '15
I can recall very clearly how anxious I was to get an internship last year. Spring break was approaching and I was one of the few in our MBA class still looking for one. Fortunately, with great preparation and a little luck, I was able to land a finance internship with The Coca-Cola Company.

Originally, at the beginning of business school, my goal was to transition from finance into marketing. I worked in finance for over 5 years before entering UGA’s MBA program and was looking for career shift. However, getting an opportunity at Coca-Cola was something I couldn’t turn down.

Looking back, taking that internship at Coke was a great decision! I developed new skills and truly enjoyed the culture there.

The thing I liked most about interning at Coca-Cola was the people. Not only were they extremely bright, but they were easy to work with as well. I have worked for plenty of companies with highly intelligent employees, but those same people are normally difficult to work with. They are so bright that they assume that they are never wrong. However, at Coca-Cola, my coworkers had plenty of bright ideas and were always willing to listen to someone else. This made for a great work environment and has to be one of the reasons Coca-Cola has been successful for so long.

Shorty after my internship concluded, I received a call from Coca-Cola offering me a full-time position! Needless to say, I was ecstatic. However, I needed time to consider whether I wanted to commit to a full-time position in finance, since I originally planned on transitioning into marketing.

After a few days, I decided to accept Coca-Cola’s full-time offer in their finance department. My thought was that I could continue with Coke in a finance role and hopefully use those skills in one of their marketing divisions.

Overall, I enjoyed my summer and learned two things. First, I learned that Coca-Cola was an ideal place to start my career. Secondly, I learned there is always more than one way to meet one’s goals in an MBA program. Originally, I wanted to transition into marketing. However, I found another way to do that is to be the “finance guy” in the marketing department.