Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Knowledge Sharing in Action: Big Data Analytics Workshop

Mayank Tayal, MBA '15
I’m a 2nd year MBA student at UGA with primary focus in the areas of Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Statistical Modeling. During one of the fall 2014 networking events, I happened to talk about my career interests with Randy Groomes, Director for Diversity Relations at Terry College of Business. He mentioned that there was a Terry Marketing case competition coming up soon for Terry undergraduates and asked if I would be interested in conducting a workshop for anyone at Terry interested in Big Data and Analytics, especially for those undergraduates preparing for the case competition.  I immediately agreed to the opportunity to share what I was learning in the program.

To prepare, I sought details about the attending students and their case competition from Randy and came up with the agenda that I discussed with Dr. Hugh Watson, Professor in the Management Information Systems department, to seek his feedback. Through this 2 hour workshop I intended to share my knowledge in Big Data, Analytics and Visualization as well as to provide the hands-on experience with MS Excel and Tableau to the attendees. I supported the workshop through presentations, demos and group exercises and I also tailored it to a wider audience should I be asked to present the material at a later date or share it online.

Overall, the workshop was a big success for everybody in terms of delivering so much content in 2 hours and equipping the audience with basic knowledge and information about how big data’s relationship to marketing. To me, it was a great learning experience, not only in thinking about how to present the technical knowledge but to train non-technical people in that area. I am thankful to Dr. Watson for being my mentor and providing his technical expertise in the workshop. I’m also thankful to Randy for organizing the workshop and providing me this valuable opportunity while I am a student.