Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why should you get an MBA and when?

For those of you wondering about the value of an MBA, Poets & Quants recently published an article, The MBA Bump: How Much to Expect, in which they answer (quantify!) those questions.  Three of the most interesting points made are:
  • For the Class of 2012, the median base salary increased 81% for full-time graduates to $91,000, and
  • Graduates with more work experience earn higher post-MBA salaries, and
  • The MBAs who reported the largest bumps were those who were hired by companies after doing a summer internship with the same firm.  
What does this mean for you?  Is it worth it to get an MBA to focus and advance your career goals?  Yes!  Should you wait a few years after college to go back to school and get some work experience first?  Yes!  Is the summer internship experience important?  Yes!

As an admissions officer, this article affirms what we tell prospective applicants all the time:  take some time after college to get some work experience so that you will get the most out of your time in the MBA program, benefit most from the recruiting process, and get the most out of what you invest in your degree.  It is also important to enter your MBA program with some focus on your career goals and with a willingness to take the recruiting process very seriously.  We do not make this stuff up!